Link To Indomitable - Kodiak Brown Bear
Link To The Duel - Red Dear Stags
Link To Gyrfalcon
Link To British Longhorn Bull - Blackbrook Philosopher (40")
Link To Apollo - Heroic Torso
Link To Kingfisher II
Link to Firedrake Dragon
Link To British Lop Pig - Liskeard Sunshine
Link To Indian Rhino (18")
Link To Golden Eagle (Head Study)
Link To Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep - William
Link To Suffolk Punch Horse - Euston Malachite
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The Finest Limited Edition Contemporary Sculpture

Created Without Compromise by Nick Bibby

One of the Best Sculptors Working Today


If you are looking for Beautifully Sculpted Figurative Animalier Sculptures

Hand Cast in Bronze, or Hallmarked Silver

By One of the Best Art Foundries in The World

Look No Further!


Buy, Commission, or just Browse


Nick Bibby is widely regarded as one of the best sculptors alive today, with an exceptional ability to render that which inspires him (be it real or imagined) into three dimensions. His stunning, figurative, bird and animal sculptures seem almost alive. Exquisitely observed. Rich with almost imperceptible subtleties; elevating his art from the merely good to that of a true master. Each one demonstrating Nick’s astonishing ability to capture form and character, and cast in the UK, completely without compromising that quality, by one of the finest Art foundries in the world, Pangolin Editions.

Nick’s work is owned and admired by an ever growing number of people worldwide, including royalty, politicians and business leaders, diplomats, famous authors, artists, actors and musicians.

Art: A Personal Perspective

I believe that every conscious being has an inbuilt aesthetic sense and ability to appreciate and be enriched by “Art” in whatever form they perceive it to be.

Any artwork, from its moment of conception, exists in a subjective, experiential, superposition, akin to the concept of superposition in quantum physics, by which I mean: all art evokes a reaction within any viewer made aware of its existence, and that reaction is unique to that viewer, that specific artwork, and that time, place and context. No two viewers will ever experience and appreciate an artwork identically, and no artwork will ever be experienced and appreciated in an identical way twice by the same viewer. Each and every interaction is completely unique. And until an artwork interacts with its audience, all those potential interactions and reactions exist only as an infinite number of possible future realities. 

So, to sum up: “Art” is something that is experienced differently by each and every one of us, creator, viewer, expert, amateur, young, old, whoever (or in this age of AI, whatever) they may be. And that experience/interaction is always unique. Endlessly, infinitely, rewarding and different.

My art is my own; you may love it, you may hate it, you may not feel strongly either way. That is for you to discover, but regardless, my art, laid out for you here, represents my best efforts to push beyond the possible, to achieve the unachievable (perfection). I invite you to dive in, enjoy the interaction and hopefully appreciate those efforts!”

Very best wishes,

Nick Bibby

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