Apollo (Heroic Male Torso)

Apollo (Heroic Torso)

Dimensions:  H 83″  W 24″

Bronze:  Edition of 9

Price: £59,950 (Including bronze plinth, as shown)

Price: £44,950 (Torso only)

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A Heroic, Figurative, Torso Study of the Greek God, Apollo

When I was asked if I would accept a commission to sculpt a classically inspired, monumental human torso I jumped at the chance! I first sculpted a 1/4 scale maquette in wax, to work out the pose and anatomy before launching into the full-size clay sculpture, using a live model, supplemented with hundreds of reference photos and measurements. I chose a classic warrior pose, sword arm raised, arching skywards, with a powerful twist to the body, to accentuate his powerful musculature. I thoroughly enjoyed sculpting Apollo, so much so, that it only seemed right that I should also sculpt his sister, Artemis, as a matching, classically inspired, female torso, in mirror image of her brother. The two bronzes, each standing over six feet high on matching bronze plinths, make an imposing pair!