Artemis (Heroic Female Torso)

Artemis (Heroic Female Torso)

Dimensions:  H 80″  W 22″

Bronze:  Edition of 9

Price: £57,250 (Including bronze plinth, as shown)

Price: £42,250 (Torso only)

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A Heroic, Figurative, Torso Study of the Greek Goddess, Artemis

After completing a commission for a classically inspired, monumental, male torso, which I chose to call, “Apollo“, in honour of the Greek god of the sun, renowned for his physical beauty, it seemed only right to sculpt a companion female torso. Apollo’s twin sister, Artemis, was the obvious choice. I chose to sculpt her in a mirror image of her brother’s triumphant pose, and together they make a very impressive duo.

As with Apollo, I started by sculpting a 1/4 scale maquette, to work out the finer points of her form and pose, before stating work on this monumental sculpture. I have sculpted Artemis as a beautiful, lithe, athletic, young woman, as befits this strong, self sufficient, goddess. Artemis was the Greek goddess of the hunt, famed for her beauty, chastity and skill with a bow. she was also known as the goddess of the moon.