White Park Bull (Ash Nik-Nak - Miniature, Bronze) by Nick BibbyWhite Park Bull (Ash Nik-Nak - Miniature, Bronze) by Nick Bibby

White Park Bull: Ash Nik-Nak – Miniature, Bronze (British Champion Animals Collection)

White Park Bull (Ash Nik-Nak – Miniature, Bronze)

Dimensions: H 7″  L 8″

Bronze: Edition of 25

Price: £8,950

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The White Park – One of the oldest cattle breeds in the world

Sire: Dynevor Calibre. Dam: Ash Blueberry.

Male Breed Champion – Royal Bath & West Show 2005

Breed Champion – Royal Bath & West Show 2006

Champion [Any Other Breed, Native or Continental] – Devon Show 2008

Reserve Show Champion – Mid-Somerset Show 2009

The first time I glimpsed Nik-Nak over the heads of the crowd at the Devon County Show, I knew that he was something special. He had such presence! Like a white Cretan bull, sprung straight from some ancient Minoan frieze, he towered over his competition. I started taking photographs immediately – I simply had to sculpt this bull! It took me several days to track down his owner, Mr Mark Franklin, but eventually I did and a visit was arranged. The herd manager, Andrew Hill, was extremely kind and helpful and I was able to take all my reference photographs and measurements within a couple of hours. Nik-Nak stood without complaint, though I did get slightly nervous, whilst crouching beneath his, now foaming mouth, as the six foot six inch Andrew, with a twinkle in his eye, casually mentioned that Nik-Nak had once pinned him to a wall, puncturing his sternum – Luckily I survived, to start the sculpture!