Berkshire Pig (Dittisham Lady 22) by Nick BibbyBerkshire Pig (Dittisham Lady 22) by Nick Bibby

Berkshire Pig: Dittisham Lady 22 (British Champion Animals Collection)

Berkshire Pig (Dittisham Lady 22)

Dimensions:  H 9.25″  L 12.25″

Bronze:  Edition of 12

Price: £10,560

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Berkshire Pig, Dittisham Lady 22

Sire: Redings Ambassador.   Dam: Dittisham Lady 5.

Best January Gilt or Boar – Newbury Show 2006

The Berkshire pig originated in the Thames Valley, possibly around Wantage, circa 1790 and began as a large tawny red pig, spotted with black; very different to todays Berkshire. The introduction of Asian bloodlines in the late 18th C eventually resulted in the smallish prick-eared black pig we recognise today, with its dished face and white markings at head, feet and tail.