Dartmoor Pony (Moortown Countryman) by Nick BibbyDartmoor Pony (Moortown Countryman) by Nick Bibby

Dartmoor Pony: Moortown Countryman (British Champion Animals Collection)

Dartmoor Pony (Moortown Countryman)

Dimensions:  H 17″  L 14″

Bronze:  Edition of 12

Price: £13,450

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“Countryman” – A Fiery Little Pony

Countryman is a real champion example of his breed, with more titles than I can count to his name. The Dartmoor Pony is known throughout the world; renowned for it’s ability to survive the harshest conditions of their native Dartmoor. Small herds of semi-wild Dartmoor ponies are a common sight there, wandering the moors, or stood quietly by the roadside. Beloved by visitors to the area. Purebred Dartmoor ponies, as exemplified by Moortown Countryman, are feisty, characterful little horses, very strong, quick and sure-footed. I have sculpted Countryman in a pose befitting his fiery nature – head up and alert, muscles tensed for action, with his splendidly long mane and tail windblown and free.