Pangolin: Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver: Edition of 25

H 2.25″  W 3.5″  D 3″

Price: P.O.A.

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A Delightful Little Curled-up Pangolin

Pangolins are a subject I have wanted to sculpt for over 25 years, but somehow never did. They are such amazing and beautiful creatures!

I was finally spurred into sculpting this charming little study of a curled-up Giant Pangolin by the plight of pangolins in the wild.

Quite apart from environmental pressures, they are being hunted to extinction by poachers, for their scales, because of a misguided belief that they have medicinal value. You might as well eat your own toenails – exactly the same material!

So I decided to sculpt one of these gorgeous creatures to, hopefully, show people what they are in danger of losing forever and also raise a little money towards helping save pangolins from extinction.10% of all profits from sales of this hallmarked sterling silver edition and it’s sister bronze edition will go to help pangolin conservation efforts worldwide.

I designed this little sculpture to sit perfectly in your hand, or on your desk or table. Or just about anywhere that needs a pangolin!