Red Deer Stags “The Duel”

Red Deer Stags “The Duel”

Dimensions:  H 16″  L 54″

Bronze: Limited Edition of 12

Price: £55,000

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Red Deer Stags: “The Duel”

Having previously sculpted a small study of “The Emperor of Exmoor” Red Deer Stag, as a memorial to this amazing animal, tragically killed by an unknown poacher. I was eager to revisit these beautiful beasts, this time sculpting a pair of rutting Red Deer Stags. Entitled, “The Duel”, this 1/4 life-size bronze sculpture depicts the titanic struggle for supremacy between two massive, ‘Royal’ stags!

As you can see, it’s a pretty dramatic, action packed, subject, which I thoroughly enjoyed sculpting. Red Deer are such impressive animals, and Britain’s largest native wild animal. I often see them, as I walk the moors, mountains and woods of Devon, Somerset and Cumbria – always a thrill, especially during the rut, when the bass bellows and clashing antlers of duelling stags can echo for miles, setting blood pumping and heart racing!

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