Robin I

Robin I

Dimensions:  H 13″  W 8″  D 6″

Bronze:  EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY #7/12 of an edition of 12 (The only cast available. Rest of edition SOLD OUT)


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This is a unique opportunity to buy Robin I cast number 7 of 12, from my edition of this piece, sculpted way back, in 1993. The edition sold out over 20 years ago, but I have been lucky enough to re-acquire this one cast, which, as you can see, is in perfect condition. So this is your chance to own a beautiful piece of my sculpting history.

The European Robin. The most loved bird in Britain, with it’s gorgeous red breast and tuneful song.

On mainland Europe these are shy birds, often heard, but seldom seen, but in Britain they are fearless. In fact positively sociable – they have been encouraged and regarded with affection by so many generations of Brits, stretching back hundreds of years. Many a gardener will turn around to find a Robin barely inches away, perched on his spade, or fork, or sat in a nearby shrub, just waiting to pounce on whatever insects might be disturbed by their work.