Scottish Blackface Sheep (Moortown JJ) by Nick BibbyScottish Blackface Sheep (Moortown JJ) by Nick Bibby

Scottish Blackface Sheep: Moortown J.J. (British Champion Animals Collection)

Scottish Blackface Sheep (Moortown JJ)

Dimensions:  H 10.5″ L 12″

Bronze:  Edition of 12

Price: £11,280

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Champion Scottish Blackface Ram, Moortown JJ

Breed Champion & Interbreed Champion – Devon County Show 2008

Breed Champion & Reserve Interbreed Champion – Devon County Show 2009

Breed Champion & Reserve Interbreed Longwool Champion – Royal Bath & West Show 2009

Every May I like to go to to my local Devon County Show. On this occasion as I walked past the sheep pens, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the most magnificent Scottish Blackface Sheep I had ever seen. A veritable mountain of wool surmounted by a strong noble head – this was Moortown JJ.