Kodiak Brown Bear (Indomitable Maquette) by Nick BibbyKodiak Brown Bear (Indomitable Maquette) by Nick Bibby

Kodiak Brown Bear (Indomitable – Maquette)

Kodiak Brown Bear (Indomitable – Maquette)

Dimensions:  H 36″  W 14″

Bronze:  Edition of 12

Price: £26,500

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The Beginning of a Truly Monumental Bear

The creation of the 15 foot, monumental bronze sculpture, “Indomitable“, depicting a  10 1/2 foot, life-size Kodiak Brown Bear, began with the sculpting of this 1/5th scale Maquette. The sculpting and casting of the full-size Indomitable was a massive undertaking, requiring the talents of Nick and over 100 skilled workers at Pangolin Editions foundry, to bring to reality – This Maquette of the life-size Kodiak Brown Bear, gives a real sense of the  power and majesty of his ‘big brother’.