Shih Tzu (Bertie) by Nick BibbyShih Tzu (Bertie) by Nick Bibby

Shih Tzu (Bertie)

Shih Tzu (Bertie)

Dimensions:  H 23″ L 25″

Bronze: Edition of 3

Price: £22,500

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A Shih Tzu called ‘Bertie’

‘Bertie’ is a pseudonym, because this particular Shih Tzu, the model for my bronze sculpture, is a celebrity pooch – he has even been known to make an appearance with his owners on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival! I was commissioned by them to make a life-size bronze sculpture of their beloved dog. And they were so pleased with the finished bronze that they very kindly agreed to let me produce the sculpture in a small, very limited edition.