Barn Owl by Nick BibbyBarn Owl by Nick Bibby

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Dimensions:  H 12″  L 14″

Bronze:  Edition of 12   BRONZE EDITION SOLD OUT

Sterling Silver:  Edition of 9 (Not shown)

Although the edition in bronze is completely sold out, to enquire about pricing and availability of the hallmarked Sterling Silver Barn Owl, please click – Contact.


Life-size Barn Owl Sculpture

Poised alertly on an old tree stump, my Barn Owl is listening intently for sounds of movement on the ground below, ready to launch into silent flight, swooping down on any unwary mouse or vole that shows it’s face.

The Barn Owl is one of the most beautiful and widespread owls in the world, being found on every continent but Antarctica. Glimpsing one of these beautiful birds flying silently through the trees, or flitting ghostlike over a twilit meadow is a wonderful sight. Sadly, in Britain it is becoming an increasingly rare sight as modern farming methods impact nest sights and prey species. But conservationists are working hard to raise awareness and remedy the situation, with some success, so there is still hope that these beautiful owls will continue to be a valued part of our countryside.