British Lop Pig (Liskeard Sunshine 500) by Nick BibbyBritish Lop Pig (Liskeard Sunshine 500) by Nick Bibby

British Lop Pig: Liskeard Sunshine 500 (British Champion Animals Collection)

British Lop Pig (Liskeard Sunshine 500)

Dimensions:  H 11″  L 15.5″

Bronze:  Edition of 12

Price: £12,950

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A Pretty Pig!

Champion British Lop Pig – Liskeard Sunshine 500

Sire: Liskeard General 10   Dam: Liskeard Sunshine 487

Supreme Champion _ Devon county Show 2005

Female Breed Champion – Royal Show 2006

Female Breed Champion – Royal Cornwall Show 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008

Supreme Champion – Royal Cornwall Show 2009

“Sunshine” was the first subject in my series of British Champion Animals. Living in Devon, I felt that my first animal should be a local West Country breed, preferably a rare breed. I like pigs and since the rarest of British pig breeds is the British Lop, a West Country breed originating around Tavistock, I decided to look for a champion British Lop.