Red Grouse II by Nick BibbyRed Grouse II by Nick Bibby

Red Grouse II

Red Grouse II (Lagopus lagopus scotica)

Dimensions:  H 5″  L 11.75″  W 6.75″

Bronze: Edition of 12

Price: £7,950

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Red Grouse II

The European Red Grouse, Lagopus lagopus scotica, is a sub-race of the Willow Ptarmigan. A beautiful bird – my deceptively simple bronze sculpture really emphasises the sleek lines and gentle curves of these popular game birds, hunkered down in cover, head raised slightly, alert for danger. Combine that with an exceptional, rich, mottled red/brown, Pangolin Editions Foundry patina, and this is one of my favourite bird sculptures to date.

This is the second time I have sculpted this subject, my first bird is a much more detailed rendition, also depicting a cock bird, but this time standing proud, tail fanned, proclaiming his territory to all comers. And having sculpted my life-size Gyrfalcon, I felt I had to revisit the Red Grouse as a subject, this time showing him in cover (possibly as a Gyrfalcon soars overhead!)

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