Red Squirrel by Nick BibbyRed Squirrel by Nick Bibby

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel

Dimensions:  H 8″  L 8″

Bronze: Edition of 12

Price: £7,250

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‘Lucky’ Red Squirrel

This is no ordinary squirrel, this is a lucky squirrel! When I sculpted this piece I chose to use a soft wax modelling clay, so the finished original sculpture was pretty delicate. I brought the finished wax in from the studio to show my wife (she is my best critic). She was out, so I put it by a window in our living room, on the shaded side of the house, while I went for a short walk to unwind. I returned about an hour later. My wife was still out, but as I opened the door I heard thumping and banging coming from our living room! I pushed open the door, expecting to surprise a burglar perhaps, but no – two jackdaws had fallen down our chimney and were flying madly around the room, beating at the windows and my squirrel sculpture in their efforts to escape!