British Lop Pig (Liskeard Sunshine 500 & Piglets) by Nick BibbyBritish Lop Pig (Liskeard Sunshine 500 & Piglets) by Nick Bibby

British Lop Pig: Liskeard Sunshine 500 and Piglets (British Champion Animals Collection)

British Lop Pig (Liskeard Sunshine 500 and Piglets)

Dimensions:  H 3″  L 10″  W 7.5″

Bronze:  Edition of 12

Price: £7,650

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Sunshine & Piglets

Having completed my sculpture of Liskeard Sunshine 500, I took it to show her owner, Julian Collings, and his family. Sunshine had recently farrowed and we went over to see her and her piglets. I peered into the stall – Sunshine was lying on her side, a look of blissful contentment on her face, as her litter jostled for position at her milk-filled teats. “Err, Julian. Would you mind if I came over next week and did a small sculpture of Sunshine 500 with her piglets?” I asked. “Course you can” was the amiable reply. “I’ll move her out to the barn, where there’s more light.”