Golden Eagle Head by Nick BibbyGolden Eagle Head by Nick Bibby

Golden Eagle Head

Golden Eagle (Head Study)

Dimensions:  H 15″  L 8″

Bronze: Edition of 12

Price: £9,950

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Golden Eagle Head Study

A life-size head study, showing all the power and majesty of these beautiful birds.

This piece was inspired by a sighting, long ago, of one of the, then, only surviving pair of Golden Eagles in England.

I was walking the ridge between High Street and Thornthwaite Beacon, above Haweswater, in heavy fog, when out of the swirling mists, the silhouette of an enormous eagle appeared above me, clearing my upturned head by less than ten feet before disappearing again into the mist! Not my best, but certainly my most dramatic sighting and a memory that I treasure.

Such awe-inspiring birds of prey – a subject I plan to re-visit with a life-size sculpture in soaring flight.